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WALLPAPERS.COM PPD PROGRAM Wallpapers.com rates for per 10,000 download of your files

Worldwide: $10 USD

per 10,000 Downloads
  • Removing all files with earnings deliberately will not be paid.
  • Accounts will be Banned for the following: Downloads from suspicious sources (websites), as well as Download IP's are proxy or making huge number of downloads.
  • We Have the Right To Delete Accounts inactive for more than a year and have No Files/Data in it.
  • Wallpaper links shared on sites known to be using software to extract the download link without loading the original page (e.g. Jdownloader, Mipony etc.) will not be counted.
  • Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed.
Adult or any copyright material or any content that goes against our T&C is not allowed and will result in termination of your account without pay. * We have the right to change Rewards Service at any time with or without notifications and without updating this page. * Downloads are counted only after 100% Download and unique IP addresses. * Accounts without any Files/Data Will not be paid

Frequently Asked Questions

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At Wallpapers.com, we welcome a wide range of creative content. As a Wallpapers.com Contributor, you have the opportunity to sell high-quality photographs, illustrations, and templates in the form of images as Wallpapers. With millions of users downloading content from Wallpapers.com every month, our platform is the ideal marketplace to showcase and sell your Wallpapers.


To become a contributor on Wallpapers.com, you need to complete the following steps. First, register on the platform and create a Contributor account. Once you have registered, proceed to upload and submit 10 Wallpapers. Our team will review these images to ensure they meet our quality standards, so it's crucial to showcase your true potential. Upon publication of your Wallpapers, you will officially become a Contributor and can start earning money from your work.


To sell your photos online, you can follow these steps:

1. Register as a contributor on Wallpapers.com: Sign up and create a Contributor account on Wallpapers.com to get started.

2. Upload high-quality stock photos: Once registered, upload your photographs to Wallpapers.com. Make sure your images meet Wallpapers.com's technical and quality standards (we do assert a minimum standard quality guideline to ensure end-users will benefit from your work).

3. Start making money: Once your photos are uploaded and approved, you can begin earning money from their sales. Wallpapers.com provides guidance throughout the process, making it accessible even for beginners.

By following these steps and adhering to Wallpapers.com's guidelines, you can successfully sell your photos online and generate income from your work.


To sell your vector art on our webpage, register as a contributor on Wallpapers.com and upload your best designs. Vectors will be converted to ".JPG" automatically


Similar to photographs and Vectors, you can sell your "PSD" files on our webpage. The format will however be converted to .JPG for end-users. Register as a Contributor and upload your PSD files to start making money.


A variety of factors determines how much you make. For more details, you can sign up for our Contributor program.